Support launched for YouTube video conversion

Ever been on a video sharing website and thought “If only I could convert that video into a format I could keep” ? Well look no further – We’ve just launched a whole host of new features to allow you to convert files from URLs, including all your favourite video websites. Zamzar now lets you:

  • Convert files from a URL on the Internet
  • Integrate Zamzar into your web browser using the Zamzar browser button
  • Convert videos directly from sites such as YouTube, Google Video, Revver and many more.

Check out this great new function in action:

Happy Converting !
The Zamzar Team.


  1. well this is a gr8 addition.actually i dont have a pc,my contact with the net is through my nokia set and i wished i’ve a mean to download those files to my set.lets hope it works according to it s potential
    thank you very much

  2. So to convert the files from youtube. I find the url i want then wat i do is click save as on the blue words. Then come back to zamzar and plug the files i want and the website will let that type of file work.

  3. Robert – To convert from YouTube simply find the link for the video you want to convert and paste it into the box on the Zamzar URL page, hit the “Add URL” button, choose the type of file to convert to, enter your email address and hit the “Convert” button.

    Zamzar then takes care of automatically downloading the video for you.

    The Zamzar Team.

  4. The Zamzar Team may not be aware of an Indian Journalist featuring a review of this very website a month back in an Indian Daily. I guess you’ll are around for some time now…?


  5. I have been Searching for days trying to convert one of my most favorites of files to avi and when I tried Zamzar I was happy once again. It converted it and I was pleased with the results. Video was better and so was the sound. Thanks guys for having this site. I will recommend it to everyone I know.

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  7. Scott – Thanks for the enquiry about SpikedHumor. Currently this site is not supported for video conversions, but we’ll look at trying to add support for it over the next couple of days.

    UPDATE (7th Mar): Support added – enjoy !

    The Zamzar Team.

  8. I used to convert files from hey!watch.
    Than suddenly, one day i saw that my credits have expired.
    I was shocked to see, b’cos, I chose the free one.
    I knew zamzar, but i like converting directly from url. Than I visited zamzar and saw the url link and was happy to see that it wasn’t so messy like hey!watch
    Its really easy to use and hope that zamzar will bring in new features to help us
    Thanks zamzar!!!

  9. Zamzar, phenomenal as always.

    I’ve been using you guys since I read about it on Digg, you really are phenomenally useful, really.

  10. Hi. You saved my life! At least all of my .xls files which I lost and which are now found again !!!!! thanx, John.

  11. Thank you very much for putting this up online, I really appreciate it! So far I’ve used this to convert youtube videos to .avi’s for Windows Movie Maker so that I can creaet AMVs [Anime Music Videos] (thanks again)!

    Though I do have a request. Can you guys somehow make your website be able to convert videos from I would appreciate it if you can :-).

    Thanks a bunch!


  12. EagleBlaze – Great to hear that you’ve been finding Zamzar useful and thanks for the veoh suggestion – we’ll look into this.

    The Zamzar Team

  13. thanks guys for the wicked conversion software 10 out of 10 now i can put clips on my mobile works every time cheers…scott g. 🙂

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  16. I was wondering, is there a standard type of file extension, ex: Avi to convert your url’s to use on the Zune? I’m a little new to this but it seems like an excellent tool.


  17. Bballt – For conversion of videos to Zune we’d recommend using “mp4” as your target file format – This seems to work quite well.

    The Zamzar Team.

  18. thank you so much this feature is highly appreciated. this is exactly what i was looking for. again, thanks!

  19. Awesome work, ghouls and ghosts.

    What’s the likelihood of being added to the list?

  20. Holy s***, this is the BEST website ever. I swear to god. I really hope you get bought by google or something big. This is the best, free site ever.

    I’m going to download the toolbar.

  21. Zamzar is an online file format conversion site which can convert YouTube videos to another format and download them to your hard drive, but it’s doing a great job & a lot more than just converting videos so we had to include it here. Thoroughly tested by me and highly recommended. See the video of it in action here. […]

  22. Once ive found this website, and once i tred it, it worked, i was so happy once again to beable to finally watch my Fav. shows under the great format i picked. Thank you for having this website up! but I have an idea on how you guys can have tons of People here on this website. If you would like to hear it. Then please email Me back if possible.
    Once again, Thank you!

  23. Can you guys add support for Comedy Central’s Motherload? Or is it already supported?

  24. Brandon / Simon / Alex / Niggerachi

    Thanks for your great site suggestions. None of these are currently supported, but we’ll look at adding them to future versions of the service.

    The Zamzar Team.

  25. this is really gr8………….
    now i can watch my fav… videos…offline after conversion……
    i can convert it to 3GP…..& watch it in my nokia 6681……

    thanx zamzar……..
    best wishes….


  26. Today was the first time I used this site and it worked quickly and easily. Great job Zamzar Team.
    Also, can you guys add because that site has some great videos that I would like to convert.

  27. Zamzar, Thanks a lot! It’s fast, downloads are not very but they are good and you can convert in many files!! I love it, I just did 15 video’s!!

    Thanks so much! It’s great and if you need support (not money), I would love to help!



  28. Thank you so much for creating this free resource, I promise to pass on this site to as many people as possible- especially other teachers at it is such a useful tool for the classroom! Thanks again!

  29. I find more reasons to love Zamzar everyday! I don’t suppose this feature works with TVLinks, though? That would be even more amazing.

  30. thank you,
    all the features are excellent..hope still find some more innovative products..


  31. Well this service is great, no more having to turn flv files into something else manually 😀

    PS: It would be nice if it was able to convert videos from, dont really know the kind of file they use, but I just like to put subtitles on the videos and it would be awesome if I was able to download them through Zamzar.

  32. Big big big thanx for all people whos workin in this site !
    Its really great features
    It help us alot



  33. My sister put me on to this site and I am so addicted. I used to view my favorite old school videos on youtube day after day but thanks to Zamzar, I can keep them. You guys are Dope!

  34. incredible, has helped me greatly converting all my favorite music videos and live performances and such off of youtube, best site i could find for converting videos definitely.

  35. Can I close the window if it is still uploadidng?

    Thanks So Much For The YouTube URL Converter

    Much Better Than Downloading Complicated Tools

    Thanks Again!

  36. Zamzar es un programa donde puedo subir videos a youtube y eso esta muy padre y me gusta mucho !

    por q asi puedo ver lo k io kiero

  37. Can you please let in this?? I have videos on there that aren’t from youtube…Luv the site helped me a lot!!

  38. I found out about just today, and am surprised at how quick and prompt it is, I don’t have to downlad programs to convert, this simplifies EVERYTHING! Thanks so much,


    P.S. Keep it up and running!

  39. brilliant program, the BBC did a short item on it last saturday and i am now thanks to zamzar enjoying clips from my fave 70’s popstar.

    keep up the good work

  40. My only suggestion is to provide a link to this feature from the home page – saves me from loading this blog post, and then the URL page (yes, I could create a bookmark but a new visitor may find that the ‘URL’ link on this blog post is too obscure, especially for the less computer literate users, whom you are probably trying to cater for).


  41. I work in eLPS in CSULA(university). I help faculty incorporate technology into their classrooms. I wanted to tell you that I will refer all faculty to this website because it has wonderfull tools. Thanks bye.

  42. This is so great seriously i’ve been looking for so many conversion softwares but everytime i download, i get very disappointed with it. So far, Zam zar is still the best! and i hope it will remain the same!

    Oh btw, just a question: I can convert a file in the form of URL without having to save it in my pc?

    The Zamzar Team – Yes you can, simply go to

  43. This is the most succesfull and stable converter ever tried. Great tool.

    Nothing negative to say about this valuable service….

    Thanks a lot…..

  44. podriais traducir la pagina en varios idiomas no??? emepzando por el castellano que aqui hay mucha gente que no entiende el ingles…

  45. Zamzar is seriously the best thing since sliced bread!! I dont know a whole lot about converting and this was so simple!! Definately coming back!!
    I needed a video for my post-graduate presentation and you guys helped me to get it!! You r the best!!

  46. I like this! I prefer this over many paid conversion software. Thanks for making it free! I will continue donating.

  47. Phenomenol what you all have done! I was definitely one of those people wishing that they could download a video off of YouTube. My family is without internet and there were numerous occasions where I had seen videos at college that I thought were meaningful and would have liked them to view. Lots of gratitude!

  48. Greetings from Venezuela. I spent my whole Christmas day downloading various programs to convert dailymotion files to my PC. Thanks God I found out about Zamzar after many disappointing hours.

    Please extend your service to Xtube.

    Thank you very much. I will certainly tell everyone I know about it and plan to contribute as well.

  49. You guys are great! I’ve been looking for a conversion site that really works, and I found it! Awesome job! One thing: what kind of progress have you made with the whole idea of getting videos from That’s one of my favorite video sites. Thanks!

  50. Hey very nice blog!!….I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular….See ya

    I’m Out! 🙂

  51. And…. now this has been discontinued, right? Used to be awesome for educational purposes, which is NOT a copyright violation.

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