Use Zamzar to convert XLR to XLS, XLSX, PDF and more

You can now use Zamzar to convert XLR files into a variety of different file formats, including XLS, XLSX, PDF and more !

Microsoft no longer support XLR files or Works Spreadsheet or Chart file’s as they may more commonly be known in their latest versions of Microsoft Office – both Office 2007 and Office 2010. We here at Zamzar receive requests everyday for new conversion types and we are delighted to announce that we can now support conversion of XLR files. You can now convert these to :

  • csv – Comma Separated Values
  • html – Hypertext Markup Language
  • mdb – Microsoft Access Database
  • ods – OpenDocument spreadsheet
  • pcx – Paintbrush Bitmap Image
  • pdf – Portable Document Format
  • ps – Postscript document
  • rtf – Rich Text Format
  • xls – Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
  • xlsx – Microsoft Excel 2007 Spreadsheet
  • xml – Extensible Markup Language

We hope these will help all of you who have been stuck looking for a way to convert your XLR files after upgrading to the new version of Office.

Don’t take our word for it – Go try it out for yourself today !

Happy converting,
The Zamzar Team.

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