How to create & upload a GIF to Twitter

Taking the Internets by storm, the GIF first started back in 1987 with humble beginnings. GIFs were originally created so that an image file could be shared using a limited amount of storage space. Today, GIFs are used to share short, looping ‘video’ clips on the internet, often used on social media as a response to a post. They are especially great for creating memes!

How to create a GIF
The Zamzar dog, hard at work converting your files.

A perfect place to share your new found love of GIFs is Twitter. While Twitter limits you to 280 characters of text, the platform is the ideal place to share a GIF. After all, a picture tells a thousand words, and a moving picture, even more so.

Creating and uploading your own GIFs

Despite searching far and wide on the internet, sometimes you just can’t find the right GIF for the occasion. The great news is that with Zamzar, you can quickly and easily create your own looping GIF using your own video clips.

Create your own looping GIF for free with Zamzar.

How to create a GIF for Twitter

Zamzar is the perfect place to convert that into a video file into a smaller and easier to share GIF.

    1. Head over to
    2. Upload your video file using the ‘Add files’ button
    3. Choose the image file format ‘gif’
    4. Hit ‘Convert now’ and within a few seconds, your GIF is ready to download!
    5. Once you have downloaded your file, visit Twitter and upload the GIF using the media button, as you would an image.
    6. You’re good to go!

Finding and using existing GIFs

Adding a pre-existing GIF to Twitter is quick and easy. You can pull in GIFs directly from Twitter’s GIF library, or go to an external website and save the GIF to upload.

Twitter’s GIF library: Go to and compose a new tweet, clicking on the GIF icon to search and insert a GIF directly from Twitter’s GIF library.

giphy (3).gif

GIPHY library: GIPHY is the home to millions, of pre-made GIFs which are ready to share. Search for your new favourite GIF, by category, popularity or using the search function, and save to your computer by right-clicking on the moving image and selecting save.

Once you have the perfect GIFs primed and ready to go, it’s time to share with the world. Open up, write your witty tweet and upload the GIF as you would an image, using the media button.

Alternatively, you can copy and paste a GIPHY website URL directly into your tweet and it will appear automatically when you post.

How to create a GIF for Twitter
Find a GIF of (almost) anything on GIPHY – even a person dressed up as a chameleon!?!

Create your new GIF with Zamzar and wait for the comments, re-tweets and likes to roll in!


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