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Zamzar Integration for Make (formerly Integromat)

We’re excited to announce yet another brand new integration for Zamzar  – this time, for a platform called Integromat.

Integromat is a Prague-based company founded in 2012,  offering an automation and productivity tool without the need to code.  They seamlessly connect hundreds of business apps, such as: Gmail, OneDrive, DropBox, and now Zamzar!  Imagine ‘glue’ – but for the internet.  (Integromat is similar to Zapier, another platform Zamzar integrated with recently.)

Their expanding pool of over 650 apps covers just about every industry you can think of, making Integromat a fantastic tool for developers, what’s more, if they don’t have an app you need, they can connect to any API!

Using a drag-and-drop interface you can automate tasks involved in using Zamzar to save you hours each week, and the predefined templates make the creation of your automated scenario much easier – but if you need to expand the scenario, the tool has this functionality too.

To whet your appetite here are some key outcomes you can achieve with the integration:

  1. Dropbox – Convert files from Dropbox in Zamzar and upload the output to Dropbox
  2. OneDrive Convert files from OneDrive in Zamzar and upload the output to OneDrive
  3. Google Drive – Convert files from Google Drive in Zamzar and upload the output to Google Drive

Image depicting a Dropbox to zamzar Integration and Conversion

With automation quickly becoming a buzz word in modern business, companies are depending more and more on software applications to run day-to-day activities and processes.  The ability to create customised scenarios and improve efficiency through time-saving is an absolute essential, and with this new Zamzar-Integromat integration you can automate your repetitive tasks and make your work easier.

Happy converting!

The Zamzar Team

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