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Convert files from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and more

We are excited to announce you can now convert your cloud files using Zamzar. If your file is hosted on Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box then we’ve got you covered!

When you select a cloud file for conversion to a different file format, we transfer the file straight from your cloud provider, bypassing your local computer, meaning we can get on with the business of converting your file much quicker.

For an average broadband connection, transferring a file from a cloud provider can be 10-20 times faster than uploading the file from your computer 🤯. It’s not just about speed though, it’s also about convenience. You no longer have to download a file from your cloud provider to your local computer before uploading it again to Zamzar!

Get started by selecting the dropdown box on the conversion tool….

Once your files have been selected for conversion, we’ll transfer them at lightning speed from your chosen cloud provider and get busy converting them.

For more information, visit Getting Started Converting and Compressing Files on our FAQ page.

We’re also looking at ways to let you save your converted files back to the cloud – Stay posted for more news on this soon.

Happy cloud converting!
The Zamzar Team.

[Dropbox image courtesy Greg Lapin from thedesignest.net]

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