Danke Katrin !

A big thanks to German site ehrensenf.de who featured Zamzar on their daily video podcast today with regular presenter Katrin – To view the show just click below:

Katrin presenting on ehrensenf.de

We’re intrigued to know what was said (despite the fact that a member of the Zamzar team claims to have a “working knowledge of German”), so we’re opening this post up to comments:

  • Can anyone give us a rough translation of the show’s Zamzar content ?

Update: A big thanks to those of you who commented with translations – the full original and translated text is now available in the comments for this post. 🙂

Bis später !
The Zamzar Team.


  1. The show opens with a report about how more and more Germans take work stuff home from the office – although more correctly it is “stuff from work” (i.e. stealing office materials). One good excuse is that people are frustrated with their boss because their work doesn’t receive enough acknowledgement – like when they introduce the boss to the fabulous new site “Zamzar” to convert even bigger files into even more formats than “the site featured last time” but the boss just doesn’t care.

  2. Clip before about a coffee cup with “key”.

    ….So, YOU are the guy who always stele the coffee cub of your colleges!

    But I know, you do it just because you always get underestimated.

    And that …. you have discovered the site zamzar for the company.
    There you can converse files online and for free in all sorts of filetypes.
    Even more and bigger files then the site shown recently (here).

    But your boss says: “I don’t need it!” “This is a fast food restaurant!”

    And such things kill motivation!

  3. My pleasure.

    [referring to the previous feature of a lock-able coffee mug witch she estimates is useful as to avoid loosing it to grabby colleagues]
    Oh, you are such a colleague?
    Yes, I know, you’re doing this just out of frustration.
    Because they always underestimate you.
    And this even though you just discovered ZAMZAR for your company.
    Were you can convert files online and for free in all sorts of different formats.
    And in fact even bigger files and even more at the same time than on this other site featured earlier.
    Yeah, but everything your boss said was “I don’t need that. This is a diner.”
    Yep, there went motivation…

    (some prepositions might be wrong. but hey, translation always ruins some of it’s charme. hollywood knows best.)

    Cheers from Hamburg

  4. Hi ZAMZAR!
    You must know that EHRENSENF is mostly ironic and makes a lot of jokes in combination with useful and/or funny links. I try to translate it for you – followed by the original text.

    (before: talking about a possible snitching colleague who anesthetizes his finger to use the cup)
    You don’t say! And you are such a colleague – well, yes I know: you only do that because of frustration, because you are permanentely underestimated, but you just discovered ZAMZAR for the company – where you can convert files online and free of charge into all possible formats. Even bigger files and several parallel than that site a few times ago. Well, but the only thing your boss said about it was: “I don´t need that, [look] there is a snack bar.” Well, motivation destroyed.
    On the other hand, be glad that …

    German original:
    Ach, und Sie sind so ein Kollege – ja, ich weiss ja, Sie machen das nur aus Frust, weil man Sie ständig unterschätzt, und das, wo sie doch gerade ZAMZAR für die Firma entdeckt haben – da, wo man Dateien online und kostenlos in alle möglichen Formate umwandeln kann. Und zwar noch größere Dateien und noch mehr gleichzeitig, als bei dieser Seite da neulich. Ja, aber alles, was Ihr Chef dazu gesagt hat, war: „Brauch ich nicht, da ist ’n Imbiss.“ Ja, da ist die Motivation natürlich hin.
    Wobei, seien Sie froh, dass Sie …

    Greetings from Old Europe 🙂

  5. Dear Zamzar Team,
    Well, the translation really has to be rough as Katrin likes to present both funny and useful facts, stories and links in one context.
    The context is the following: After talking about theft and pilferage in offices and at work, Katrin presents a coffee mug with a hole in it to prevent unauthorized use by colleagues. This hole van only be locked by the mug owner, and if somebody else wants to use it, he will have to anaesthetize his little finger before…
    Then, Katrin goes on:
    >So you are one of those colleagues!? Yes, I know… you’re only doing it because you are frustrated… for being underestimated all the time… and that despite of the fact that you’ve just discovered Zamzar for your company! The place where you can do free online file conversions into any possible format! And even larger files and more files at the same time than on that site we presented the other day*. Alas, but the only thing your boss replied was: “Don’t needit, that’s a snack bar…” Yeah, and that’s the moment where motivation fades away…

    *Of course, I won’t mention the other file conversion site here… 😉

    I hope this “transcription” will serve the purpose… although the written version doesn’t give the slightest impression of Katrin’s voice, intonation and performance that account for a good portion of Ehrensenf’s success.

    Best regards from Germany, and have a good time!

    Willi B.

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