Zamzar and “the Digg effect”

Phew ! Digg has a lot to answer for – it’s been keeping the hamsters that run our servers earning their feed keeping up with the traffic that’s been coming in. It’s always an honour to get a mention on Digg, but something of a challenge as well 🙂

So just to say, please bear with us over the next few hours – We will honour all your conversion requests as quickly as we can, but it may take a little longer than usual – sorry.

Oh, and just to clear up a few of the comments from Digg:

    • As stated in our privacy policy, we absolutely DO NOT sell, spam or market your email addresses to anyone.
    • The files you upload and convert are yours alone. Again, we DO NOT sell them, forward them, archive them or otherwise use them. The only time Zamzar goes near them is to honour any support enquiries you have.
    • We are still in Beta, and we’re adding more features to the site all the time. If there’s stuff you’d like to see then just let us know


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