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It’s good to shout. Especially about the things you love – If you’ve enjoyed using Zamzar over the past few weeks why not consider telling your friends about it ? We’ve recently launched a page here to let you do just that.

Go for it pick up that megaphone … 😉


  1. Amazing service guys! You make it so easy to convert files for my mobile phone including video and music.

    Keep up the good work looking forward to the new file formats and other features! 🙂


  2. Thanks for the service!
    It’s online (no downloads more with spyware).
    It’s free.
    It’s easy.
    You can upload much files.
    There are no pop-up’s.
    It’s fast.
    And much more!

  3. I have been searching for an application like this for years. I have tried to open files and have even given up sometimes rather than search the web for hours. I have also emailed friends and family countless times with files, only to get a response of,”we could not open the attatchment.” I will tell everyone I know. Thank you!

  4. You´ve made easy things that people want or need to convert and is always looking for a solution.
    Thanks a lot.

  5. I Love this thing!!! It holds a lot, works for my iPod, and actually works! Unlike SUPER >:(

    You guys are simply awesome.

  6. I have just used your service to convert a WMV file to 3GP, excellent!!
    I have been trying to do it wth a dedicated 3GP converter with no luck as it leaves out the last two minutes for some reason. Your online converter did the job properly.
    Thanks alot

  7. Hi zamzar team!! I’m a french boy, and i love use zamzar. That so cool.Now i don’t need to download any software…zamzar is here!! The best tool in the net, that’s right!Thank you!

    “Longue vie à Zamzar!!!”(Long life to Zamzar!!!)

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