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Just a short post to let you know that you can now also keep up to date with the latest Zamzar news over on Twitter, the excellent micro-blogging service. Find us at:

The Zamzar Team.


  1. I have been using Zamzar for nigh on six months now, and I can say that this is one of the best conversion websites on the internet. Lets you convert from anything to anything.

    I am really hoping that you would make a downloadable program to run straight from desktop, which offers the same service the site does.

  2. To anyone reading this it will probably look like a self-testimonial on Zamzar’s part, but I can honestly say Zamzar is amazing. My girlfriend got some .pub files from TAFE that she couldn’t open with (they really need to do something about that…), that she needed to print by tomorrow. I went hunting for file conversion sites, and I wasn’t too optimistic since I’d seen a few that expect a subscription just to use them once. I stumbled across Zamzar, and it’s exactly what we wanted.

    Also, you’ve just cut the last tether keeping my workplace using MS Office. We use for nearly everything, at work, but we still needed Publisher for the old .pub files we had. Now, we can just convert them to pdf or odt files.

  3. ZAMZAR is really cool site. i visit here regularly to convert videos into the format that i want…
    really cool

  4. Hi just to say thanks for this great site.
    I would have lost that vital letter if you had not converted it from DocX file to doc file. Much appreciated…..

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