Convert images to PDF – JPG to PDF, PS to PDF, GIF to PDF, TIFF to PDF

Convert images to PDF using ZamzarYou can now use Zamzar to convert a variety of image files into the ever-popular PDF format.

Converting images into PDF can be useful when you need to share designs or graphics with clients in a standard and professional format which they are likely to be able to view. Adobe Acrobat has a huge installed base, and converting to PDF is a nice way of adding a professional touch to your design.

You can now convert any of the following formats into PDF:

  • bmp – Windows bitmap
  • gif – Compuserve graphics interchange
  • ico – Windows Icon
  • jpg – JPEG compliant image
  • pcx – PC Paintbrush Bitmap Graphic
  • png – Portable Network Graphic
  • ps – Postscript document
  • tga – Truevision Targa Graphic
  • thumbnail – Thumbnail image
  • tiff – Tagged image file format
  • wbmp – Wireless Bitmap File Format

Just head over to Zamzar to convert.

Happy Converting,
The Zamzar Team.

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