Convert FLV (Flash) videos at higher quality

We’re continuing to rollout improvements to video files converted through Zamzar and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve raised the quality for all FLV (Flash video) conversions.

The FLV format is used by many online video sharing websites (such as YouTube, Dailymotion and others) as a means of encoding videos for users to view through web pages.

The improvements we’ve made mean that if you convert Flash videos through Zamzar into other formats you should now see:

  • Higher resolution within converted videos (better picture quality)
  • Noticeably improved sound quality

Converted videos will be larger, but we hope this is more than made up for by the higher quality you now get. If you want smaller files you can always convert files into a lower quality format such as 3gp, or a highly compressed format such as avi or mp4.

Happy Converting !
The Zamzar Team.

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  1. This service is truly amazing!
    I was surprised that I can convert all the doc, pdf, jpg etc..
    And now even flash video, with quality.. wow..

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