Convert NEF files to JPG, PDF, PNG, TIFF and more

We’re always looking to add new conversions to our list of available formats and we can now add NEF to that list. You can now convert your NEF files to JPG, PDF, PNG and TIFF using Zamzar, online and for free !Convert NEF to JPG, PDF, PNG and TIFF

NEF (the Nikon Electronic Format) is a camera image format, developed as Nikon’s version of the RAW image format.

Raw image formats are intended to capture as closely as possible the characteristics of the scene being photographed, and to preserve as much detail as possible. The downside is that filesizes tend to be huge, and we want to make it as easy as possible to convert those RAW images into smaller, more portable image formats as quickly and easily as possible.

We’re pleased to announce you can use Zamzar’s free online tool to convert your NEF files to any of these formats – PNG and JPG probably offer the best compromise of quality vs filesize.

  • bmp – Windows bitmap
  • gif – Compuserve graphics interchange
  • jpg – JPEG compliant image
  • pcx – Paintbrush Bitmap Image
  • pdf – Portable Document Format
  • png – Portable Network Graphic
  • tga – Truevision Targa Graphic
  • tiff – Tagged image file format
  • wbmp – Wireless Bitmap File Format
  • webp – Lossily compressed image file

Happy converting,
The Zamzar Team.

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