Convert AI files to JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF and more

Convert Adobe Illustator files with ZamzarAdobe Illustrator (.ai) files are widely used by web designers for developing artwork and graphics for webpage designs … but if you haven’t splashed out hundreds of dollars on Adobe Illustrator it can be a pain to open or view them.

Not any more ! Zamzar now provides support for converting .ai files into a variety of common image formats (GIF, JPG, PNG & more) online and for free.

The AI file format is a proprietary format developed by Adobe for saving out files from its popular Adobe Illustrator program. Files tend to be single-page, vector-based drawings composed of paths connected by points. They are commonly used for logos and also print media, and as AI files are saved in this vector format they can be resized without losing image quality. Some graphics programs can open AI files, but they can rasterize the image, meaning that they will lose the vector data when converting the image.

Zamzar now allows you to convert AI files to all of the following formats:

  • bmp – Windows bitmap
  • gif – Compuserve graphics interchange
  • jpg – JPEG compliant image
  • pcx – Paintbrush Bitmap Image
  • pdf – Portable Document Format
  • png – Portable Network Graphic
  • tga – Truevision Targa Graphic
  • tiff – Tagged image file format
  • wbmp – Wireless Bitmap File Format
  • webp – Lossily compressed image file

… which means you can avoid this:

Adobe Illustrator file - email

Happy converting,
The Zamzar Team.

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