Zamzar’s charitable giving

From the outset of creating Zamzar, we wanted it to be an organisation not just beneficial for us as a company, or for our customers looking to convert their files, but that also benefitted other people in society.

Having seen great examples of charitable giving by companies of all shapes and sizes, we decided that Zamzar would commit to regular charitable giving, donating a share of our monthly profits to causes close to our hearts and those of our staff.

The first donation

Help-Harry-Help-Others-02Our regular monthly giving started back in 2012 with Harry Moseley, a young boy with a brain tumour who decided to run his own fundraising campaign making and selling bracelets to support research for brain tumours.

Help Harry Help Others’ is now a fully-fledged charity that is continuing Harry’s legacy, raising thousands of pounds each year to help families going through cancer.

Ever since donating to Harry’s cause in 2011, Zamzar has given 2% of monthly profits to charity.

Our founders take it in turns to choose a charity that they want to donate to, and once a year, employees can nominate their own charities.

Notable charities we have supported over the past eight years:

Naomi House


A charity close to Zamzar’s company home, Naomi House and Jacksplace are hospices supporting over 525 children and their families around Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Dorset, the Isle of Wight and beyond.

For over 21 years they have provided vital respite support for families by giving them the chance to recharge their batteries in a calm, fun and welcoming environment.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

Founded in 1990, the Electronic Frontier Foundation supports online digital rights, providing lawyers to aid and assist individuals and small companies in unfair cases against big corporates. They are the leading nonprofit explicitly focused on defending digital freedom, privacy and innovation in the technology sector.

downloadThe EFF inform policymakers, the public, and the government through guides, workshops and research. Read more on the EFF website and look out for the Zamzar logo on the EFF’s Thanks Gallery.

Epilepsy Action

logoEpilepsy is a common condition affecting sufferers in many different ways, usually through seizures caused by electrical activity in the brain. Epilepsy Action works to support and help people with epilepsy to manage their condition. Their work includes raising awareness, supporting families and increasing people’s understanding of the illness. The charity provides a range of informative guides for both adults and children covering topics such as ‘First Aid for Seizures’.

The National Deaf Children’s Society

ndcs-logoThe National Deaf Children’s Society is a community of over 65,000 professionals and families supporting children who are deaf or have hearing impairments.

The charity work to help children to effectively communicate, helping them to overcome life barriers that affect their everyday. Alongside running a phone helpline, regional groups and events, the charity’s website provide a range of information and support to the public and families affected. 

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Hu-pZ2JO.jpgFocusing on specialist childcare, Great Ormond Street provides specialist life-changing treatment for over 600 children each and every day.

The hospital works to support staff, patients and families as they battle some of the world’s most complex illnesses. Pioneering research and life-saving procedures are commonplace at the hospital, which could not take place without the valuable support from financial donors.

Age UK

Zamzar's charitable giving - Age UKSupporting the elderly in the UK, Age UK aims to help every old person requiring help and support.

They provide practical advice and free information to the elderly covering a wide range of topics, from benefits to health and wellbeing, pensions to housing questions.

York Mind

Mind-logoYork Mind works to provide support services and help to those suffering from a variety of mental health conditions. Their work focuses on recovery and integration into employment or everyday life activities.

Alongside their effective practical support services, York Mind campaign to raise mental health awareness, emphasising acceptance and inclusivity for those with mental health problems.

Zamzar has also supported individual Just Giving pages for small causes.

Do you have a charity close to your heart? Contact us to put your charity forwards for Zamzar’s future monthly charitable giving..
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