Help Harry Help Others

Zamzar is excited to announce our support for the Help Harry Help Others campaign. The campaign is supported by the Cancer Research UK charity and was inspired by a young man named Harry Moseley.

Harry was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour at the age of 7. Sadly he died when he was 11, but not before he had raised £500,000 through his “Help Harry Help Others” campaign as part of his wish to rid the world of brain tumours. Zamzar is proud to support his campaign, having donated financially and helped to raise awareness of the cause, and we hope that some of you may wish to get involved too.

A group of 7 men and women are aiming to run all 430 miles of the London Underground in their pyjama bottoms to raise money and awareness for Harry’s campaign. They are running 25 half marathons every week and 4 marathons over the course of 6 months. So far they have raised over £7,000 but they are keen to raise more, and have issued an invitation for you to join them, wherever you are in the world !

International Tube Run for Harry Moseley


On Saturday March 10th Harry’s Tube Runners are organising the International Tube Run for Harry Moseley.

If you live within close proximity to a tube, subway or tram and can walk or run just one mile then they woud love for you to get involved.

Why not invite friends and family to join you, get your pyjama bottoms on, get sponsored and head down to your local tube / subway / tram stop and walk or run a mile ?

So far there are runners signed up from London, Delhi, Auckland, New York, Madrid, Sydney, Hong Kong, Chennai, Barcelona and Bangalore. The Zamzar staff will be getting their own PJ bottoms on and running part of the London Underground for the cause !

For more information visit the tube runner blog, drop them an email with photos of your efforts, or visit the donation page. We hope you can join us on 10th March in raising money and awareness for this incredible charity.

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