Convert files by email

We’re really excited to announce a brand new feature which allows you to convert files by email.

Instead of using the Zamzar website to convert files you can send files from your email account to:

    (e.g., etc)

… we’ll convert them in lightning quick speed and email back a link to your converted file.

So what’s the beef ?


Let’s look at what you can do:

  1. Email any file which is a supported “from” format on our conversion types page to the format you want it converted to – For example to convert a PDF into a Word Doc (.doc file) email your PDF file to
  2. Forward email which has been sent by friends and colleagues to the email address of the format you want it converted to.
  3. Send multiple files in the same email message for conversion (as many as you want if they are within the size limits)
  4. Convert an email attachment into multiple different formats, by specifying multiple “to” addresses (e.g.,
  5. Convert files sent to your iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry directly from your mobile device using email.
  6. Convert videos into a format you can watch directly on your iPad or iPhone using our new streaming support.

You can read more about the details of this new service on our FAQ page.

Any limits ?


Most email clients only allow you to send attachments up to 25 MB in size, so limits for the size of file you can email us to convert are less than on the main Zamzar site. At the time of launch they are as follows (per file, not per message):

    Free Service – up to 1 MB
    Basic Plan – up to 5 MB
    Pro Plan – up to 15 MB
    Business Plan – up to 25 MB

Email and the dinosaurs


Email is old, maybe as old as the dinosaurs.

Even though many of us have a love / hate relationship with email, we all use it to stay connected. Here are some interesting statistics:

  1. If email was a country, its 1.4 billion users would make it the largest in the world. Bigger than China, bigger than the USA and EU combined.
  2. 247 billion emails are sent each day, or one every 0.00000035 seconds.
  3. In the time it takes you to read this sentence, some 20 million emails entered cyberspace.

Even if you send us just one email we’d be delighted. We’d also scan it for attachments and convert them.

We hope you like the new service 🙂

Happy email converting !
The Zamzar Team.

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