Stream converted videos and audio to your iPhone, iPad and iPod

We’re excited to announce that you can now use Zamzar to stream converted video and audio files to your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

So if you get stuck in a hole with an odd format you need to view whilst you’re out and about you can just “Zamzar it” into a format which you can stream immediately.

We even offer optimised output formats for different devices – just select “iPhone”, “iPad” or “iPod” as the to format for your conversion and if it’s a video file we’ll make sure it looks great on screen for you:

iPad to format selection

Why not check it out ? Maybe you want to listen to a famous Winston Churchill speech or view a trailer about a rabbit with attitude.

As more people switch to using mobile devices to view and interact with their files we hope this is a useful addition to your toolkit.

We also have more exciting mobile announcements just around the corner – stay tuned !

Happy Converting,
The Zamzar Team.

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