High speed downloads for all Zamzar subscribers

We’re excited to announce the launch of high speed downloads for converted files for all Zamzar subscribers.

If you signup, you can now download converted files from Zamzar up to 5 times quicker than previously. This applies to any newly converted file, and also any file you have already converted.

If you’re still a free Zamzar user, what are you waiting for ? Sign up today to experience this high-speed goodness !

What do you get ?


Benefits for our subscribers include:

  • Super fast downloads – We use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to give you high speed downloads
  • More reliable downloads – No more annoying “download interrupted” messages
  • Better safety for your data – Files are now backed up across multiple devices in multiple secure datacenters

Fast. Very Fast.


If we applied this speed increase to other areas of human endeavour:

  • Running the 100 metres would take 1.9 seconds
  • You could travel to the moon in half a day (Apollo 11 took 3 days 4hours)
  • Formula One cars would travel at over 1000 miles per hour

If you’re already a Zamzar subscriber why not go convert a file now to try it out, or if you want to dig deeper read on to understand all the geeky details of how we did this …

The Geeky Details


Still with us ? Ok, so to achieve this speed increase our engineers have taken advantage of some technical wizardry from the folks at Amazon.com.

All converted files from Zamzar account holders are now stored in a highly secure Content Delivery Network provided by Amazon – This network (known as CloudFront) employs a network of edge locations that cache copies of files closer to wherever you guys are on the internet.

CloudFront then ensures that any download requests for those files are served by the closest edge location. As a result, requests travel shorter distances which means that file downloads get delivered to you far more quickly.

This means that if you happen to be located in a picturesque city such as Frankfurt instead of your computer having to send requests across the Atlantic to download a file from Zamzar:

[Map from DNSTools – http://en.dnstools.ch/]


… you now automatically get the file from a server nearby:

[Map from DNSTools – http://en.dnstools.ch/]


CloudFront has effectively given Zamzar edge locations all over the globe, from San Jose to Singapore, so no matter where you are you should see a significant boost in performance:

Amazon CloudFront edge locations

We hope you enjoy these improvements, all of which are available immediately.

Happy Converting (and downloading !)
The Zamzar Team.

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