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HEIC.pngWe’re excited to announce that you can now use Zamzar to convert HEIC files into a variety of other image formats using our online conversion tool.

HEIC is the name Apple have given for the new High Efficiency Image File Format. This format is a slicker and more efficient way of storing an image file.

Utilising modern file compression methods it allows photos on your phone to be created at a fraction of the file size of the typical file format (JPEG), whilst the picture quality is also better than JPEG. This means you can use HEIC to save more photos, which are crisper and sharper than before.

Why is HEIC better than JPG?

JPEG’s have been around since the early 90s and technology has improved enormously since then. With JPEG photo files taking up ever more storage space on customer iPhones and iPads, Apple have been looking for ways to reduce the amount of storage photos consumed. They saw an opportunity to do this with HEIC, whilst also ensuring that the images would not only be smaller, but better quality as well.

Apple adopted the HEIF file format which met these criteria. According to the MPEG group – who had created the file format – twice as much information can be stored using a HEIF image as it can using a JPEG. Apple themselves state “next-generation HEIF compression technology lets you take new photos with the same quality as before but at half the file size. So, snap away.” Users are doing just that as HEIC supports 16-bit deep colour images meaning the images are much crisper.

How do I open a HEIC Image?

The bad news is that HEIC images won’t open automatically on Windows, iPhones running iOS 10 or lower, some Android phones or macOS (which is especially annoying if you send these images via Airdrop).

However, you can now use Zamzar’s online file conversion tool to convert HEIC files to JPG, PNG, PDF and other formats without needing to download any software. We’ll  convert the file quicker than you can say “Cheese” 🙂

You can convert your HEIC image to any of the following image formats:

  • bmp – Windows bitmap
  • gif – Compuserve graphics interchange
  • jpg – JPEG compliant image
  • pcx – Paintbrush Bitmap Image
  • pdf – Portable Document Format
  • png – Portable Network Graphic
  • tiff – Tagged image file format
  • wbmp – Wireless Bitmap File Format
  • webp – Lossily compressed image file

Now you can take twice as many pictures and open them on any device there’s no excuse not to get out there and take more amazing photos.

Happy snapping!
The Zamzar Team.

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