Convert zip files to 7z, tar.bz2, cab, lzh, rar, tar, tar.gzh, yz1

We’ve just added the ability to convert between various compressed file formats using Zamzar – This can be helpful if you get stuck with a zip format that you can’t open.

Zamzar now supports conversion from the following formats below to any of the others on the list:

  • 7z – 7-Zip Compressed File
  • tar.bz2 – Bzip 2 UNIX Compressed File
  • cab – Cabinet File
  • lzh – Compressed Archive File
  • rar – WinRAR Compressed Archive
  • tar – Gzip Compressed Archive
  • yz1 – DeepFreezer Compressed Archive
  • zip – Compressed Archive File

Click here to convert today, or read more about the different types of compressed files here.

Happy Converting !
The Zamzar Team.

Update: After feedback from you guys we’ve now also added support for the popular .rar format as well !

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5 comments so far

  1. softhunterdevil on

    I would love to see *.rar file format under this section. :)

    Later on try to implement various image formats (*.iso,*.daa,etc) as they also compresses.

  2. The Zamzar Team on

    softhunterdevil – Consider it done. We’ve added in support for converting from the .rar format into the other compressed file formats.

  3. JIM on

    Thanks Zamzar guys!!

  4. Tina on

    Thank u soooo much….Great work!!!!:):)

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