Convert documents into speech … yes speech ! (doc, pdf, txt and more to mp3)

Convert documents to speech with ZamzarWe’re constantly looking to innovate at Zamzar, and we’re delighted to announce the launch of an exciting new conversion – You can now use Zamzar to convert documents into the spoken word !

We think this feature will be particularly useful for our visually impaired users, many of whom receive documents from friends and colleagues in formats that are difficult for screen readers to access. We also hope this will come in handy for anyone who wants to listen to documents, emails or pdf files on the go – All files are converted into the mp3 format, making them ideal for listening on portable music players such as the iPod.

The full list of supported files which you can convert into mp3 is listed below:

  • doc – Microsoft Word Document
  • docx – Microsoft Word 2007 Document
  • odt – OpenDocument Text Document
  • pdf – Portable Document Format
  • pub – Microsoft Publisher
  • txt – Plain Text document
  • wpd – Wordperfect Document
  • wps – Microsoft Works Document

Just click to try out Zamzar’s document to speech magic right now, or hit the play button below to hear the text of this post spoken out loud !

Happy converting !
The Zamzar Team.

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8 comments so far

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  3. Convert PDF, Docs, Text to MP3 on

    […] they say in their official announcement this is very useful feature for visual impaired people and also for people who like to hear more […]

  4. Hitec on

    Great feature!

    Zamzar is becoming more and more useful everyday.

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  8. Arshad on

    A very great feature.I love the audio,your tts system sounds very natural,would be a lot better if you added different accents.

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