Full throttle – update

As promised we’ve now added more capacity to Zamzar to speed up the whole conversion process. The bottom line for you guys is that you should now get your files converted faster and delivered to your in-boxes more quickly … so go convert those files !

Happy converting,
The Zamzar Team


  1. It would be great too is to have the files zipped (.zip) or .tar after the conversion.

    Some proxies would deny any multimedia file, and this would reduce size of file too.

  2. gents,

    This is the most intelligent idea I seen since 6 years (since I used google 🙂 )
    I got rid of having lot of software to convert my files.
    I would like to thank you and wish you the best of luck.
    I know that you are now in the beta phase, but as a user, I wish from you to add more faces of conversions.

    Best regards,

  3. Lucas – Currently we do zip the files if you convert multiple files from your PC, which should help if you are downloading a whole bunch of them.

    The Zamzar Team.

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