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You guys have been making good use of Zamzar’s ability to convert videos from sites like YouTube and Google Video, and we’re pleased to announce support for another – One of our blog readers asked if we were planning to support SpikedHumor, and here it is !

So why not go and convert the World’s most amazing basketball shot ? Alternatively just click here to go save videos from other video sharing sites in your favourite format.

Are there other video sites you’d like to see supported on Zamzar ? Why not post a comment to this post and let us know …


  1. Very nice πŸ˜‰
    Could you try to make DailyMotion be supported on Zamzar πŸ™‚
    I think it is a good site and has very good videos πŸ˜‰


  2. Z-Lim – DailyMotion is already supported ! Here’s the full list of currently supported sites:

    * Youtube
    * Google Video
    * Myspace
    * Revver
    * PutFile
    * Apple Trailers
    * Dailymotion
    * Metacafe
    * IFilm
    * Grouper
    * SpikedHumor

    The Zamzar Team.

  3. I have to say – this service is fanfeckingtastic. I’m certainly putting it through its paces! πŸ™‚ Any chance of getting Zamzar to convert videos from in the near future?

    In the meantime, thanks tons for devising this fab service!

  4. Felicitaciones.
    El servicio de ZAMZAR es fantastico.
    I would like to see added to the list


  5. You guys at the zamzar team are doing a great job, I can now get almost any videos on my PSP. Legend service! Cheers. 8-]

  6. Also, please can you make a way of converting it has some legend vids, cheers 8-]

  7. well the url thing works on you tube,, mtv,,i did a thing from crank yankers,,,funny the clip turned out good,,got it from ifilm “viral videos”,,,,,so one just needs to try out the url thing on the web sites,,if it works fine,,if not ,,,fine,

    you guys rock,,,,since this if free,,how long will it stay that way ?.

    i got your site from

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