Convert docx files to doc, pdf, odt and txt

Update: Zamzar also now supports the conversion of xlsx files and pptx files.

We like to keep in touch with new file formats here at Zamzar and we’re proud to announce support for online conversion of the new Microsoft Office 2007 DOCX format. The format is based on open XML standards and will undoubtedly be great for future interopability, but what happens when you’re stranded with a .docx file and no copy of MS Office 2007 to view it with ?

Well you can now use Zamzar to convert docx files into any one of the following formats (including older versions of MS Office which only open .doc files):

    • doc – Microsoft Word Doc
    • odt – OpenDocument Text Doc
    • pcx – Paintbrush Bitmap Image
    • pdf – Portable Document Format
    • png – Portable Network Graphic
    • ps – Postscript Doc
    • txt – Text Doc

To convert from docx simply head over to Zamzar, select the docx file you want to convert from your computer and enjoy !

Note: Conversions won’t work for .docx files created with pre-release versions of MS Word 2007.

Happy Converting !
The Zamzar Team.

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  1. I should have known about this before. I spent a day copying text from a trial MS-W2007 to an MS-Wxp!

    I appreciate your work, thx allot, Fahad.

  2. zamzar is really helpful whe making amvs (no site seems to give you avi’s of naruto! :))) )

  3. This is really great, because if you forget saving in normal doc @ 2007 you will not have a problem if the one that needs a doc has internet and heard of zamzar:)

  4. “format is based on open XML standards and will undoubtedly be great for future interopability…”

    I suspect the interopability will not greatly improve with time. Given it was released such that users of the older versions, and users of other operating systems, cannot easily open this proposed “standard,” it’s pretty clear to see the purpose is to lock users in, and scare people away from anything that isn’t the newest Microsoft. I hope more people will do like I do, and send .docx format files back to the sender and ask that they save it in a format that is readable by others. (and I give them a list of extensions that are acceptable to most any word processor, and a link to download the free OpenOffice, if they prefer.)

  5. thanks a lot, it was great, i though i won’t be able to open my assignment,its so easy and fast, wow… i can say wow, its so great, i really appreciate you guys for such kind of help in need, once again thanks a lot,….

  6. my friend had an emergency, he had to come over and print his resume a.s.a.p before the store he was applying for a management job at close. shame on him for leaving things to the last minute, but thank goodness for zamzar being around. my computer wouldn’t open his docx document.. we freaked out, and then found this site, and then everything was well. thanks for the great service

  7. Hadn’t come across a docx file until recently, then didn’t know what to do with it! Tried another online conversion service but could never open the converted file. Then discovered Zamzar – worked like a dream and problem solved.

  8. You made my sister-inlaw a very happy lady.

    The conversion was fast.

    I will be recommending Zanzar for sure.


  9. thanks i appreciate your work. I just converted my imported .docx to .doc file.
    thanks again.

  10. Hei. Thanks a lot!!! It gave my face a big smile!! I don’t know what to do with out this page!!

  11. I was rapt! I didn’t even know about docx instead of doc in newer versions of Microsoft Word. Five minutes later, I had converted a docx file which I had saved on to my email from my daughter’s computer. It was so quick. Thank you Zamzar.

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