Convert wpd (WordPerfect) files to doc, odt, pdf and txt

Wordperfect iconWe’re pleased to announce that you can now use Zamzar to convert wpd (WordPerfect) documents to a variety of other formats to ease the pain of exporting your documents between different Word Processing packages.

Zamzar now supports conversion of wpd files to the following formats:

  • doc – Microsoft Word Doc
  • odt – OpenDocument Text Doc
  • pcx – Paintbrush Bitmap Image
  • pdf – Portable Document Format
  • png – Portable Network Graphic
  • ps – Postscript Doc
  • txt – Text Doc

Simply head over to Zamzar and follow the simple steps to convert your wps file today !

Happy Converting πŸ™‚
The Zamzar Team.

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Written by The Zamzar Team

We are Zamzar - home of the greatest online file conversion software. Freeing your files since 2006.


  1. Great program, really helps with my projects which need to be sent to my teachers in a .doc format when i only have my wordperfect program which is a .wpd format

    totally recommended to all fast and easy conversion

  2. Hey Aquiles, just use the “save-as” and select .doc as file type! Save some hassle. Still, this is a great way to convert files if you don’t have word perfect application but have wpd files.

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