Convert xlsx files to xls, ods, csv, doc, html, mdb, pdf, rtf and xml

You can now use Zamzar to convert “xlsx” files generated by Microsoft Office 2007 to a variety of different formats, including plain old “xls” (enabling you to view and edit your spreadsheets in older versions of Microsoft Office) and “ods” (allowing you to use OpenOffice). Conversion happens online and is completely free !

The new 2007 “xlsx” format is based on open XML standards, but is incompatible with older versions of Excel. To get round this problem you can simply head over to Zamzar to perform conversions from “xlsx” to any one of the following formats:


    • csv – Comma Separated Values file
    • doc – Microsoft Word Doc
    • html – Hypertext Markup Language
    • mdb – Microsoft Access Database
    • ods – OpenDocument spreadsheet
    • pdf – Portable Document Format
    • rtf – Rich text format
    • xls – Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
    • xml – Extensible Markup Language


Why not head over to Zamzar right now and start converting ?

Happy Converting !
The Zamzar Team.

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  1. Thanks you guys just saved my *** i saved my semi-final on my flash drive from the school which has office 2007 and i have ’05 so now i can work on it like I planned! Thanks!!

  2. Thanks guys
    it was a great help. I saved my files in excel 2007
    format, unfortunetly i lost my trial period.

  3. u guyz r really great … u almost saved my life ..thnk you … i knw itz not enough but i really appreciate ur help …. long live Zamzar team

  4. thanks very much.. hat you provide is very helpful.. now I can do my job in office well..

  5. Now this is how it should be done!!! No registration, free, and fast!!!
    Thnx to you guys! Saved my head from getti’n ripped of by my economy teacher! Seriously!

  6. The boss sent me an .XLSX file then left on vacation! zmazar converted it to an .XLS file in just a couple of minutes. Worked great!

  7. Zamzar. You are rain from heaven for an Old-timer, not keeping up with all the latest files extentions. Thanks for converting xlsx to xls in 30 seconds.

  8. Dear friends,
    i was in a deep problem how to convert ods to exele…. but u people had done it like a magic… thanks a lot guys… u had done me a great help which will help me in future… bcas the file u converted was a very valuable file for me… thanks a lot friends….

    regards, sebastian

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