Great new features – faster file conversions, online storage, extra security …


A Happy New Year to all our users from Zamzar HQ !

We’ve been working hard at Zamzar over the past few months to bring you more file conversion options, and we’re excited to announce that you can now signup for an account with Zamzar and get:

  • A personal inbox to manage and share files
  • Faster file conversions
  • Bigger file conversions (up to 1 GB !)
  • Online file storage (up to 100 GB)
  • Secure file conversion

and much more !

Personal Inbox
From your personal inbox you can delete and rename converted files and also share them with your friends and colleagues:

Faster File Conversions
If you signup for an account your files will be converted at warp speed … always getting priority over free users of the service, so you get your files faster.

Bigger File Conversions
Got a big video to convert ? You can use Zamzar to convert files up to 1GB in size !

Online File Storage
No more 24 hour limits – Store your files permanently with Zamzar and they’ll always be available, wherever you are – No more fretting about not having them, as you can access them from any computer.

Secure File Conversion
For sensitive file conversions, take advantage of our secure conversion service which emplys 128bit SSL encryption.

Why not signup for an account today ?

The Zamzar Team.


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