Problems with YouTube conversions


Update: All fixed and back to normal now. Please let us know in the comments if you have any problems.

Unfortunately today (24th January) we are experiencing issues with YouTube conversions. We are currently working round the clock to resolve these, however this means that at present we cannot offer YouTube conversions from our service.

Please note file conversions are unaffected.

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes, and will update this blog post with progress in fixing this issue.

The Zamzar Team


  1. Hi all. Having grief with Youtube. Sent a conversion about 2 hours ago to Zamzar for conversion from flv to avi, had nothing back at all.

    Downloaded the same file from YT, sent it to file conversion from hard disk, and still nothing back on that one either.

    Any ideas on the problem?

  2. Eddie – We sometimes have busier periods on the site than others, but 2 hours sounds a bit out of the ordinary.

    We’re constantly adding new hardware to improve the situation, but remember that you can always signup for a Zamzar account to jump straight to the front of the queue 🙂

    The Zamzar Team.

  3. Hi everyone. I would like to comment. The zamzar file sizes are increasing dramatically. A simple 5-10 min video on youtube used to be only 12-15MB. However, these days the file size can reach 100MB. Pls help!

    1. Esther – you raise an interesting point here, we’ve recently upgraded the quality of the videos that are downloaded from YouTube, as many of our users were asking us for higher quality videos (this is why the filesize has gone up).

      What do others think – would you prefer to see smaller-sized, lower-quality video videos, or larger, higher-quality ones ?

  4. Hi Zamzar! Loved you guys ever since you guys were born. The youtube conversion works great, except the fact that the quality in the audio is weaker after conversion from FLV to mp3.

    Also to answer the questions above, I would love to see larger, high-quality videos!

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