Convert MS Publisher files (.pub files) to doc, pdf, odt, rtf and more

You can now convert Microsoft Publisher (.pub) files online to a variety of different formats using Zamzar !

We’ve been working hard to add support for converting files from the popular desktop publishing application from Microsoft and we’re pleased to announce that it’s here. MS Publisher was originally released for Windows back in 1991 and is still going strong having been incorporated into MS Office 2007.

Zamzar now supports the conversion of Microsoft Publisher .pub files into the following formats:

    • doc – Microsoft Word Document
    • html – Hypertext Markup Language
    • odt – OpenDocument Text Document
    • pcx – Paintbrush Bitmap Image
    • pdf – Portable Document Format
    • png – Portable Network Graphic
    • ps – Postscript document
    • rtf – Rich Text Format
    • txt – Text document

Just visit Zamzar today to start converting …

Happy Converting !
The Zamzar Team.

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  1. Please consider a converter for Microsoft’s XPS graphic format (XPS document writer is a virtual printer included with XP and Vista) to convert to for example PDF or PNG.

    Thanks, this is a great site.

  2. glad I found you guys, great help and easy to use.
    will be sharing you w/friends and co-workers and family members, again great help. thanks.

  3. So i would just like to say that [Zamzar] has saved my butt! i had a audio file i needed to convert for use in film making, and the program wouldn’t accept the format! as suggested by my teacher to use this site i was at first struggling with it, but in the end i was successful. i would recommend this site to everyone and will most likely in the future purchase a slot in your database. thanks everyone!

    -Andrew White

  4. thanks a lot,
    finally got rid of all these horrible .pub’s and got some simple, shiny pdf’s instead,
    the world can be so simple ;D

  5. I’ve been using this site for a long time. It’s been super useful. I use it a least once every couple months for something or other. I’m between mac and pc and it really takes the hassle out of some projects.

    GREAT SITE (i tried a couple other sites too…stinky compared to ZamZar!)

  6. The zamzar online conversion works extremely well converting Publisher files which I created in 1996 (Version 2.0 I think) to pdf. Several other conversion sites would not accept the old Publisher files. Thank you zamzar for this create conversion site.

  7. Thank you soooo much. I got a .pub flyer converted into a .doc and a .pdf file so I can use them and spread the word about a great service for my population(deaf/ hard of hearing kids). Saved me so much time.

  8. You guyss, this actually works. I am so happy, I spent forever trying to use a publisher file on word, and now i can do it with this conversion. I had absolutely no problems.

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