Realtime File Conversions – Better, Faster, Stronger!

cityscape and rail track in tokyo from speed trainYou can now use Zamzar to convert files without providing an email address. Files are converted directly in your web browser in realtime, meaning no more waiting around for an email to arrive. As soon as your file has converted you can download it right from within your web browser.

You can still provide an email address if you want and we’ll send a notification when the file is ready, but more often than not it’s easier just to download your converted file as soon as it’s ready.

What does this mean for you?

  • Convenience – No more waiting around for an email to let you know your converted files are ready. Instead, your files are converted securely in realtime within the browser.
  • Speed – We have ramped up the speed of your file conversions. Now up to 3x times faster than before – if you are converting a file under 10MB in size your conversion will be done almost instantaneously.
  • Privacy – The fact that you don’t need to provide an email address to convert your files is great for your online privacy – something we have long supported here at Zamzar.


How does it work?

Just select any file(s) you want to convert (or drag and drop them onto the page), choose  the format you want to convert into and then hit the “Convert” button. – just 3 simple steps.UploadComplete-DownloadFile

You’ll then see your file(s) convert in front of you and you can download it without having to leave the Zamzar website.

Smaller files are converted instantly and larger files normally take less than 30 seconds. This means you can get your hands on your converted files faster, and with less hassle!

Still need email notifications?


Maybe you want to share your file(s) with friends or colleagues, or you need a link for your own records? Either way, we have you covered as you can still include your email address – just tick the box that says “email when done”, enter your email notification address and a link to your converted file will be sent over to you.

And that’s not all!

As well as realtime conversions we’ve got two other neat tools you can use to make converting files much simpler:


First, you can convert files from links (also known as “URLs”). Maybe you’ve got a PDF hosted somewhere, or a picture on a photo sharing site that needs converting. No longer do you need to download them, save them locally and then upload them to a file conversion website to convert them. Instead, simply click the URL tab and enter the link of the file you want to upload to Zamzar and we’ll convert that file for you in real time.


Second, did you know you can convert files via email? All you need to do is attach your file to an email and send it to format@zamzar (e.g. pdf@zamzar). We then convert the file instantly and email you back a link to your converted file! Intrigued? Find out more here.

Happy (realtime) Converting!
The Zamzar Team.

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