Zamzar powers new Xerox “Audio Document” app

A new app, developed by Xerox with conversion technology powered by the Zamzar Developer API, securely transforms hardcopy documents into audio files allowing commuters, multitaskers, and audio enthusiasts to listen on the go instead of reading. The Xerox Audio Document application is available on Xerox VersaLink® and Xerox AltaLink® multifunction printers.

What does the App do?

Xerox Audio Document app logo
Xerox Audio Document app

The new Audio Document application allows customers to scan hardcopy documents and securely convert them into audio files, letting you listen (yes listen!) to the contents of documents on the go, and therefore multitask more easily.

The app builds upon Xerox’s ConnectKey® technology which transforms the printer into a smart workplace assistant with dedicated apps and connectivity to the cloud.

These apps let users simplify complex workflows, giving office workers the power to translate, share, store and manage their documents straight from their printer or device. The apps make labor-intense, time-consuming efforts easier and offer new twists on traditional ways of working. Check out the Xerox app gallery for further details.

How does it work?

The Xerox Audio Document can be accessed from supported multifunction printers and allows you to put text in and get audio out:

Using the application is a simple 3 step process:

audio-app-screenshot-800x480_0 Scan
Open the app, enter your email, source language, settings and scan your document.
email Open link in email
An MP3 link is instantly sent to your email.
Businessman with smartphone and earphones travelling in tram Listen
Listen to your document(s) instead of reading them!

Why use it?

ok-1976099_640 Productivity: Allows you to effectively multitask – get on with additional work whilst listening to your document content.
ok-1976099_640 Portability: Great for those that are on the road, allowing you to listen to key documents whilst you drive.
ok-1976099_640 Convenience: Regain work time by just scanning to audio and then listening back wherever, whenever.

All the languages

The Xerox Audio Documents app currently supports document submission in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese.

Audio conversion powered by Zamzar

Zamzar’s developer API powers the conversion of documents into spoken word for the Xerox Audio Document application.

Our simple API allows users to convert files to and from hundreds of formats with minimal code right from within your business software or mobile app. With 100s of formats supported it’s possible to convert documents, videos, images, audio, CAD, eBooks and more with just a few lines of code:


By using the Zamzar API – a robust cloud solution for file conversion – Xerox have been able to implement a highly scalable file conversion solution without the need for costly hardware or greenfield development investments. We are delighted to have worked with them on this innovative new app – go check it out today!

Happy Converting!
The Zamzar Team.

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