Zamzar in Internet’s “Top 100+” Websites!

We’re delighted to have featured in MakeUseOf’s roundup of the “100+ Best Websites on the Internet“! We’re honoured to appear alongside such great tools and products as Dropbox, Audible, Etsy and DuckDuckGo.


MakeUseOf described Zamzar as:

“A great general file converter, allowing the conversion between many different image, audio, document, and video formats. Great for any application that supports only specific file types.”

We’ve been helping users convert files since 2006 and have converted OVER 400 MILLION files since then (410,155,590 at the last count …) 😲

As well as a top notch web tool we also offer an API for file conversion, used by companies all over the globe to power their websites, mobile apps, and even their printers!

Here’s to a cracking 2019 – we have a whole heap of new features and support for different file formats lined up for you. Stay tuned …

Happy Converting!
The Zamzar Team.

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