We’re improving Zamzar …

Our rocket scientists have been working hard to make Zamzar better for you over the past few months.

Here’s a quick rundown of the things we’ve been fixing in recent months.

If you’ve noticed any other bugs, or want us to improve anything else with the service please let us know.


  • PDF to JPG – In some cases we noticed that very large files (500+ pages) were failing to convert.
  • Keynote to PPT – Some Apple Keynote presentations had issues when being converted into Microsoft Powerpoint.
  • DOCX to DOC – Some larger .docx files were failing to convert correctly to the .doc format.
    Note: We’re still aware of an issue whereby some files with a non-Latin alphabet fail to convert. Our engineers are working to fix this.
  • PDF to XLS – A bug in our conversion process caused a number of these conversions to fail. We’ve now fixed this to improve conversion success for these files by over 40%
  • PUB to PDF – Files with very long filenames were failing, an issue which we’ve now fixed.

Video conversions

    We fixed an issue which had been preventing video file conversions from the popular video sharing website at GodTube. Yay !

    Notification Emails

    • Delivering to your inbox – We’ve improved the way we send email notifications for conversions so that less of them end up in your spam folders.
    • Look & Feel – In some email providers (most notably Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail) Zamzar conversion emails looked wonky. We’ve now tidied them up to look all nice and shiny.

    Happy converting,
    The Zamzar Team.

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